The Spice Boys
The Nob Hill Gazette, September 2001

Jellied Consommé
The Nob Hill Gazette, September 2001 about Alexandra Hamilton
(Wife of August Schilling's son - Rudolph Schilling)

The Bay's Edge
June 1997
Salt of the Earth
Cargill Supports Local Organizations
Sequoia YMCA dedicates Cargill community room
Cargill Acquires Akzo Salt

Working the big estates
The Country Almanac,
September 29, 1993,
"John Skarabo remembers..." by Marion Softky

A Harvest of Salt from San Francisco Bay
FORTUNE magazine, March 1975

Who's Getting a Taste of Life in the High Sierra?
SF Chronicle, Aug. 1940

Family Given Vast Estate Of Schilling
San Francisco Chronicle, August 17, 1934
S.F. Spice Magnate Properties Valued at $4,000,000

Heiress, Hurt In Inyo Fall, Battles Death
S.F. Chronicle, August 22, 1932
Else Schilling Taken to Hospital From Trails of Mountains

Reduces Surplus Flesh
The Oakland Enquirer, September 29, 1894

The way it was
Lavish memories of the Schilling estate where spice
merchant August Schilling built a fairy land
By Marion Softky

Barton begins consolidating of Bay Area’s salt industry

S.F. Chronicle

What society is doing
S.F. Chronicle
The wedding of Miss Alexandra Hamilton and Rudolph Schilling.


1861 - Letter from Henriette Siegmann to her relatives

1861 - Letter from Agnes Lemme to Elise

1906 - San Francisco, April 19, 1906 - Rudolph Schilling

1906 - 1447 Harrison St., Oakland, April 19, 1906


"A.L. Schilling Elementary School 1960-History of Mr. A.L. Schilling