taken from an article in The San Francisco Chronicle, August 17, 1934

S.F. Spice Magnate Properties Valued at $4,000,000

Specific bequests totaling $640,000 were contained in the will of August Schilling, 80, filed in Redwood City yesterday. The total value of the estate disposed of by the internationally known importer of coffees, teas and spices was estimated at nearly $4,000,000. Schilling, whose principal place of business was San Francisco, died at his Woodside home August 1. after a long illness. His wife died in 1929.


The bulk of the estate went to three sons and a daughter Else Schilling of Woodside and Walter of San Francisco, Rudolf of Woodside and Carl of Beverly Hills.

No bequests were made to charities.

One hundred thousand dollars cash was granted to each of the following: Etta Staley Schilling, daughter-in-law, Hollywood; Alexandra Hamilton Schilling, daughter-in-law, San Francisco, Mildred Norcross Schilling, daughter-in-law, San Francisco, and Beatrice Simpson Volkman, daughter of George F. Volkman, vice president of A. Schilling & Co. Schilling and Volkman founded the firm September 8, 1881, in San Francisco.


Rudolph Schilling was willed 50 per cent of the capital stock of the Holzwarth Gas Turbine Company and $120,000 in cash. A like cash bequest was made to Carl Schilling. The two were named trustees and executors of the estate.

Nine hundred dollars a year for life will go to Theophile Callarert, servant; a similar annuity to Mary Morgan Howe, servant; $1,200 a year for life to Mrs. Moennich, a sister, and $1,312 a year for life to Martha Eherenberg, a sister-in-law.

The will was dated June 26,1927, and a codicil dated January 23, 1929, cut off an annual bequest of $600 to Gretchen Kotzenberg, niece, an annuity of $300 to Bertha Rengart, another niece, and an annuity of $300 to Theodore Moennich, nephew. No reason was assigned in the codicil.