A.L. Schilling Elementary 1960-

History of Mr. A.L. Schilling

36901 Spruce Street. Mr.Schilling owned Arden Salt Co. and Dumbarton Land Co. He founded Leslie Salt Co. with money from his family’s fortunes. They owned Schilling Spice Company.

1915, August Schilling employed an architect to work up sketches of a new bridge to connect Newark and Redwood City.

1919, He harvested and refined his first salt in the tiny works at the tip of Dumbarton.

In 1923, the company moved to a site close to the Dumbarton Highway Bridge, and constructed famous Plant Number 1, on Jarvis Road.

In 1926, Plant Number 2 was built on the site of today’s Leslie Plant.

August Schilling bought up huge tracts of marshland, and landscaped a small part of it on the south end of the Coyote Hills.

In 1931, August Schilling began to expand his salt operations in the South Bay. The products were largely shipped out of Newark in boxcars.

November 2, 1936 he signed the merger papers on a consolidation of the Arden Company and the Leslie California Company, Creating the Leslie Salt Company. The merger united the huge South Bay holdings of Arden with the Redwood City operation held by Leslie California, they were undisputably the largest land holder in the southern San Francisco Bay.

Principals of A.L. Schilling Elementary

1960-62 Don Wacks

1962-64 Dan Archer

1964-65 Melville Johns

1965-66 Leo Hinkel

1966-12/71 Bill Costa

12/71-83 Ken Stange

1983-90 Leo Hinkel

1990-91 Bob Pendleton

1991-92 Leo Hinkel

1992- George Mathiesen